dimanche 1 février 2009

Cookie time with Pauline la Féline

Thanks to Pauline, I always spend wonderful and funny times in this kitchen.
Gossip, fashion & cookies
And she also owns an amazing book about Pierre Hermé's macarons and they look insanely yummy.

So. Pauline's sister, the gorgeous Miss Glitzy tagged me and 6 things that make me happy are :

- buying and reading fashion magazines/blogs
- photographing kids
- the sound I can here when I walk in the snow
- when it rains and I'm home
- concerts
- reading your comments

13 commentaires:

izzydore a dit…

beautiful pictures, did you take them?

mademoiselleb a dit…

Yes I did, all the pics on this blog are mine.

Pauline la Féline a dit…

A lot of gossip indeed...
Meow <3

The Man Who Knew Too Much a dit…

beautiful pics mademoisselle b!


You, lovely gossip girls!!!

mademoiselleb a dit…

Thank you.

Fashion Moment a dit…

Thank you for your comment darling!
Such a lovely blog!


bobble bee a dit…

gossip, fashion and cookies... with friends! Perfect evenings :)
Charming blog! :)

Frederic a dit…


Sarah-Lou a dit…

C'est ton billet qui est yummy!

mademoiselleb a dit…

Thank you all <3

Julia mode a dit…

Ca donne faim ;) tres jolies lunettes !!!


Arturo a dit…

Bisous !
A bientôt !